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Medical Tourism trend has been increasing rapidly in the new period when there are no more medical borders, and the patients have the opportunity to be treated in any country or hospital they wish. In the last decade, Turkey has been affected by this increasing trend and closely following both the legal regulations and service practices all around the world regarding the medical tourism. Intending to increase its share in the medical tourism market on a global scale, Turkey carries all of the healthcare organizations providing service or having the potential to provide service in this field into an advanced level in terms of management, organization, staff efficiency under the guidance of Ministry of Health.

Many people in the world visit different countries to be treated due to either expensive or insufficient treatment opportunities in their own countries, and existence of countries where they know they can get health services for reasonable prices. The medical tourism, considered to be an alternative tourism trend, steps in at that moment.

The tourism potential of the destination countries visited by medical tourists to get health services is experienced as an alternative service. Welcoming almost 300 thousand international patients arriving for treatment purposes annually, Turkey offers quality and inexpensive health services, in addition to being a country with high tourism potential for medical tourists to spend their holidays.

Apart from the quality health services, experienced health staff, competitive price advantages, Turkey is an important service stop in the medical tourism due to its world famous Turkish hospitality and quality tourism management combining its nature with its rich history.

"www.healthcarist.com", the Medical Tourism Oriented Project on Capacity Building, Branding and Global Competitiveness sponsored by Istanbul Development Agency was developed to increase Turkey's public efficiency within the field of medical tourism and facilitate foreign patients' access to the hospitals in Istanbul to get health services and it will provide the entire world with its services as a global brand.

With the Online Appointment System in the website healthcarist.com that will provide global health services the foreign patients will be able to get an appointment from our 16 health facilities in Istanbul easily. The patients will be able to transfer their medical records in their own countries to the digital platforms, and communicate with our medical specialists to have an opportunity for pre-assessment and online consultation services before even arriving at our hospitals through this system integrated with the Tele-Medicine System on our website.

A digital archive will be created for the health tourism practices carried out in 16 hospitals associated with Istanbul Northern Anatolian Association of Public Hospitals through the Medical Tourist Management System, thus the patient follow-ups will be handled at an international platform. This archive of patient records will be integrated with the Decision Support System and will serve as an important database in determining the strategies and implementations within the field of medical tourism practices.

The Patient School, initiated to increase the rate of health literacy in the national arena as the Office of Secretary General of Istanbul Northern Anatolian Association, will broadcast internationally on healthcarist.com. The time-independent and non-spatial patient school videos, prepared by the attending physicians and specialists on the basic medical problems, their diagnosis, treatment and prevention methods with a simple style in three different language options, namely Arabic, Russian and English will be available on healthcarist.com to support a healthy lifestyle.