DSS Decision Support System

The Decision Support System (DSS) is one of the long-running projects that has being developed by the Northern Anatolian Association of Public Hospitals. It is the DSS's purpose to use the present medical data more efficiently, create a hybrid model by associating multiple data, optimize the associated organizations more easily and increase governance.

DSS gathers the medical data of the organizations on the proper database and turns it into an effective platform for the decision-makers. The system is built on a multi functional structure. The managers can simply choose which data they would like to see, provided that it is their area of responsibility, and see the analyzed data.

In order to improve the service and process, screens have been created in the decision support system. These screens have been determined based on the areas they cover. For example, the analysis of all examination data can be seen on the Examination Screen. If we happen to review the screens based on the data they show;

Decision Support System

Examination Screen

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Medical Data Screen

The information on the patients' diagnoses, diagnosis costs, information on one or multiple patients based on their diagnoses, imaging results, genders and operations can be accessed through this screen. It is divided into several sections, namely Diagnosis, Clinic, and Age.

Decision Support System

Decision Support System

Clinical Screen

On this screen, the beds are categorized based on their features; their numbers and availability statuses are shown; detailed information on intensive care and inpatients are presented; and finally the number of available beds are analyzed. Such data on the screen provides the users/managers with information on the way the patients are admitted to the hospital , which departments are overcrowded and which areas they should focus on. As the data also include information on the number and response time of consultation for the inpatients, it is possible to see how busy the physicians are. This screen also shows the time and date of admission to the health institution, time and method of discharge from the health institution, in addition to distribution of services according to the day of admission. Furthermore, the admission screen also shows detailed birth information. In order to protect the maternal and infant health in accordance with the national policies set as a result of the assessment of present condition, the determination of the preventive services, which are desired to be implemented for the medical improvement by accessing birth information at the hospitals, has been facilitated.

Financial Screen

It is an optional screen, where the percentages and amounts of monthly budget realization under the Uniform Accounting System (UAS) reports, financial status, indebtedness, accounting process, collection and assessment information and other data can be compared. It can make comparisons on institutional basis like other screens. It is possible to follow the stock status of the institutions on this screen.

Decision Support System

Decision Support System

Indicator Screen

The indicators in the records provide information about the annual status of the institutions. In order to improve such indicators and raise awareness, this screen is of importance in the Decision Support System. As for the clinical quality section, it is possible to observe diabetes, knee and hip arthroplasty, coronary heart disease, stroke diagnosis and gestational graphics. The appointment and singular patient data of the diagnoses, tests and operations related to such criteria make this section significant. Based on the repeated arrivals, it is much easier to compare the institutions individually and to each other. On the Basic Medical Statistics Module (BMSM), there is an optional system to see the data. The desired data is selected here, and the decision support system presents the BMSM related chart of the required time period. This cancels out the waste of the time resulting from analyzing the numbers in the Office programs.

Medical Work-Up Screen

It is the screen, where we can see the times, dates, availability status of the imaging services, imaging service costs per patient, the status of the imaging process per examination with regard to the special imaging sessions. Moreover, this screen facilitates the decision-making process as it ensures easier calculation of the processing load and amortization of the devices. It is possible to see the comparison between the numbers of patients and work-ups on departmental basis, date of requests, number of work-ups that have been requested; however not performed, on the laboratory screen

Map Screen

The distribution of the patients arriving at the institutions from all corners of Turkey and from Istanbul itself, their distributions according to the diagnoses and geographical locations are shown on the map screen. The descriptions on the map have been created pursuant to some pre-determined criteria. These criteria are clearly understandable and interpretable by the users at first sight.

Decision Support System

Data Mining

This screen is the detailed version of the data on other screens. This screen allows detailed queries just by dragging the hospital of your choice into the related cell; it directly shows from which province, district, quarter the patients visit the hospital, also categorizes them according to many criteria such as their genders, ages, assigned physicians, departments, diagnoses etc. Additionally, it is a screen that shows the number of patients and average cost according to the selected criteria.