Corporate Istanbul Northern Anatolian Association of Public Hospitals

To provide modern, reliable, environment friendly, innovative, continuously improving medical, administrative and financial services that respect the patient rights, cares about the employee satisfaction, ensure quality service delivery at all Health Institutions operating under the structure of the Office of Secretary General of Istanbul Northern Anatolian Association of Public Hospitals.

Medical Quality is to provide everyone with equal services on the right time, with good and accurate practices by the well-trained specialists at the facilities equipped with sufficient resources without sacrificing the safety and satisfaction of both the patients and employees to achieve best medical results.

Clinical Quality is to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment with the evidence-based medical practices, prevent errors, improve patient care, increase the patient and employee satisfaction, and achieve the best medical results.

Quality health service is to do the "right" thing for the "right" person on the "right" time with the "right" method and by the "right" tools, and achieve the best possible result.

In order to provide same health service standards everywhere in Turkey, it is intended to carry out standardized health service delivery in a more systemic way with the Association of Public Hospitals established under the Project on Transformation in Health within the framework of the safety of both the patients and employees.

The association intends to ensure easy and fast access to the health services by all patients, prevent repetitions in the diagnosis - treatment - healthcare processes for achieving accurate patient management practices, and finally increase the patient and employee satisfaction.

Istanbul Northern Anatolian Association of Public Hospitals combines 12 associated hospitals and 5 associated Oral and Dental Health Center with quality health service, well trained manpower and advance technology approaches. Providing everyone - not only from Turkey but also from the whole world - with modern health services, our Association is now so close to you with experienced attending physicians and specialists thanks to Healthcarist!