HEALTHCARIST "", the Medical Tourism Oriented Project on Capacity Building,
Branding and Global Competitiveness

A brand new global medical tourism platform is emerging under the structure of Istanbul Northern Anatolian Association of Public Hospitals. The health services in Istanbul are as close to you as the hospitals in your own town with Healthcarist!

The treatment opportunities at Istanbul Northern Anatolian Association of Public Hospitals and a cultural and historical holiday you will spend in Istanbul are combined on this platform!

It is possible to have an access to the health services in Istanbul through the website "" that will be broadcasting in 3 different languages, namely Arabic, Russian and English.

Thanks to the medical informatics applications, developed to render higher quality services for foreign citizens, who wish to receive health services from our hospitals, you can access to any and all kinds of information about the health services, take appointments on-line, choose the accommodation and transportation options that suit you best.